Philadelphia’s Love Affair with Urban Art

Philly is a city defined and improved by its cheesesteaks, sports fans, and Rocky. ubiquitous urban art. Right, that other stuff too. Unfortunately (Albeit understandably, because they’re fantastic) those rowdy Eagles fans and… Continue reading

Why Do You Love New York City?

I once had a good friend from Paris attempt to convey the allure of his famously charming city to me in a single statement. He’d already gone on at length about the buildings,… Continue reading

Different Buddha Images & What They Mean

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Before coming to Southeast Asia, I admit I had a very limited perception and idea of what Buddha was about. When I thought of The Buddha, I imagined… Continue reading

Kipling’s Mandalay

Rudyard Kipling is the famous British author that created the cherished tale of Mogali and his famous adventures in The Jungle Book. In addition to jungle adventures, Kipling also wrote some famous lines… Continue reading

Ten Buddha Quotes to Help Find Your Zen

Since I’ve been living in Southeast Asia I’ve discovered, like so many others before me, a lot about Buddhism that appeals to me. The Lord Buddha was a man full of wisdom and… Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Siamese Guard

These gargantuan guards are like the gargoyles of Thailand- they stand before the temples of The Grand Palace, keeping away unwanted visitors. Enormous, colorful, glittering, they’re striking artistically and bring vividly to mind… Continue reading

Photography Tour: Lake Bled, Slovenia

There are some places that no picture or essay can do proper justice. Bled, a small town set in the Julian Alps in Northwestern Slovenia, is one of those places.

Photo of the Week: Man Makes Prayer Beads in Mandalay, Myanmar

Sitting regally atop a mountain in Mandalay is a collection of pagodas and temples known as Mandalay Hill. While there this past weekend, I snapped this photo of a local man making prayer… Continue reading

On Coming To Myanmar…

Everybody needs a little inspiration.  We need inspiration to travel, to write, to create, to do anything really. If I were to boil down to one quote or statement why it is I… Continue reading

Mandalay, Myanmar: First Impressions

Mandalay, Myanmar: A few days ago, I relocated my life as a TESOL teacher to Mandalay, Myanmar. I’ll be here for two months to teach a summer school program to kids aged 5-8.… Continue reading

Quiet Spaces: On The River Safari in Zambia

One night on a small river in Zambia, about an hour’s drive from Livingston, I boarded a small motorized boat (Conveniently stocked with local beers- thank you tour guide) and sped up and… Continue reading

10 Photos of Amsterdam That Have Nothing to do with Drugs or The Red Light District

Amsterdam, the partying port town situated in Northern Holland, is famous for its debauchery and lax laws regarding drugs and prostitutes. When you talk to people about Amsterdam, or say that you’ve been… Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Why Are Amsterdam Houses so skinny?

The houses lining Amsterdam’s canals are striking for a number of reasons. They’re charming, they’re decorated with beautiful gables, they all feature plaques depicting the careers of the people that lived there, and… Continue reading

Photography & The Way We Travel: The Four Pictures I Took in Bratislava

A few years back I spent a semester studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. One weekend that spring, I spent a few days wandering around the Slovak capital, Bratislava. Prior to visiting Slovakia,… Continue reading

More Photography- Slovenia

When I travel, I try to capture as many pictures of unique people and places as possible. Normally, I’m dont make it a point to capture shots of the animals, as well. But… Continue reading

10 Reasons Hipsters Would Love Ljubljana, Slovenia

1. The Most Popular Hostel is an Ex-Prison The most popular and largest hostel is formed from the remnants of jail cells. The prison grounds have been turned into a haven for hippies… Continue reading

Parks and Vienna-ization: Photography Essay

All people love parks. All cities need parks. All cities with parks are wonderful. Beyond providing necessary respite from crowded traffic, congestion, and the dearth of nature/vegetation common in many cities, parks are… Continue reading

Snapshots of Siam: A Photography Essay of Sukhothai

Though it may be difficult to fathom today, Bangkok was not always the cultural and political center of Thailand. Pre-Bangkok, the capital was Ayutthaya. A series of wars sent the Siamese fleeing to… Continue reading

Huay Tung Tao Lake, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The list of reasons why Chiang Mai is an ideal place to live abroad is a lengthy one. But any expat will unanimously tell you that the nature here is divine. Hop on… Continue reading

Road to Pai

Pai is one of my favorite places in Thailand. But getting there from Chiang Mai borders on torture. Here is an ode to the road I wrote this past weekend en route to… Continue reading